Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Captain's Log: Star Trek in the Streets

Thousands marched this past weekend to advocate addressing the climate crisis, and to protest the current US regime's apparent opposition to doing so.

That gave the marches more of a protest flavor, and that inevitably evoked the 1960s, according to a Los Angeles Times story.  It mentioned the 60s music especially, but the photo used to illustrate the story was this image--a sign that echoed similar sentiments in anti-war demonstrations in the 60s and 70s with the image of Mr. Spock.

"Ignoring climate change?" it said, over a photo of the skeptical Spock.  "Highly illogical."

Signs carried during the earlier March for Science in Washington and elsewhere also used Star Trek to make their point, emphasizing as well the role science must play in the future.  The Trek Movie site collected a number of these signs, some of which follow below.

So it's not just the Star Trek icons but the message, the meaning, the soul of Star Trek that continue to live and apply to our strange new world.

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