Sunday, December 09, 2012

Star Trek Into Boredom?

I hope I'm getting the wrong impression about the forthcoming Star Trek JJA2 movie, based on its marketing synopsis, "announcement trailer" and promo teaser photo.  Because there isn't anything to like about any of them.

The marketing synopsis is a collection of cliches and gibberish. " unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for."  How can anything detonate a fleet and everything it stands for?  It makes no sense, at least not in English.

Update: Another official go at a synopsis eliminates the clinker above, only to add another: "capture an unstoppable force of destruction."  How do you capture a force?  Let alone an unstoppable one?  "We can't stop it, Captain!  It's unstoppable!"  "Okay then, we'll capture it !" Let's hope the movie is better written than the marketing copy.

Some saw this as indicating that this film will tackle the cutting-edge contemporary issue of terrorism.  Cutting edge for the Bush administration maybe.  TNG did an episode on a terrorist in the 90s.  We got an entire year of it with Enterprise.  There hasn't been anything more deadly to Star Trek storytelling than the post-9/11 obsession with terrorism, torture, covert operations etc.  All those tortured novels.  But very visceral, and very easy tension and visuals.

Then the trailer.  San Francisco looks like a cross between Gotham City and Nazi Berlin, as do the uniforms in the crowd.  Is the villain Gary Mitchell or Khan?  Who cares?  Because once again it's all about vengeance.  The only available motive.  It's always about vengeance (usually for your family) vs. the good guys protecting their families.  Is it the human Avengers versus the Super-Villain?

A glimpse of the famous moment of Spock's death scene in Star Trek II.  Another alternate universe reboot?

And then the promo photo.  Cumberbatch amidst the rubble in a long black coat, a little Batman, a little Dracula.  Very Goth. Will there be zombies too?

  I hope reports on the footage being doled out next week will "detonate" these first impressions, and everything they stand for.

Update: Okay, I fell into this anticipatory marketing nonsense by commenting on a trailer.  Information and images are being doled out carefully, and it's clear that not much is going to be actually revealed.  I am getting the impression that genetics is going to be part of the story, but otherwise, my basic feeling hasn't changed. Revenge is boring.  But I'm not going to get involved in analyzing and reacting to every bit of marketing goop they dispense.

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