Monday, November 05, 2012

Vote for the Future

The Star Trek future is a vision of the present. Many people love Star Trek for that vision, and are committed to it. In various ways and at various times, they act to further it. This is one of those times, here in the United States. It's time to vote for the future. It's time to vote to re-elect President Barack Obama.

Certainly, science and technology are major parts of that Star Trek future--and because his presidency supports science and technology in the present, 68 Nobel Laureates in science signed a letter endorsing President Obama with these words: “President Obama understands the key role science has played in building a prosperous America...Mr. Obama “has championed investment in science and technology research that is the engine of our economy.”

But Gene Roddenberry's vision was always about more than warp drive and phasers. It was about equal rights and equal opportunity--on the bridge of the Enterprise and everywhere else. It was not about a society dominated by the wealthy, for the wealthy. It is a future that champions compassion. It is a future that cares for our planet.

President Obama has proven to be a leader towards that future. He has articulated this same vision and acted to make it real. He needs the votes of those who share that vision in order to continue moving forward.

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Spacerguy said...

live long and prosper, Obama will win.