Monday, June 25, 2012

Live Long and Prosper

The first African American woman in a regular role on network television and the first black President of the United States. Official White House photo taken earlier this year and recently posted by Nichelle Nichols.


Maurice Mitchell said...

How cool is that? Nichelle is so classy.

AS Hall said...

I love seeing this pic of Obama sharing the Vulcan salute with "lieutenant O'Hura"!

I grew up on TOS in syndication and through it was guided to a life enjoying SciFi and literature and stories of all kinds in their many incarnations (movies - loved the 2011 installment of the Star Trek movie, tv series like Fringe and The Walking Dead which led me back to checking out the graphic novels, loving all 15 installments and wanting more.

Concurrent with my daily helpings of TOS at 4:00, I remember my mother waxing poetically about John F Kennedy and how the world had lost a great later. A decade after his assassination, his portrait, along side his brother Bobby, were still up in our Canadian livingroom.

It wasn't until Obama came along 4 years ago that I finally understood how my Canadian mother could have such high regard for an American politician while I had mild fantasies about TOS -type federation of planets that was head and shoulders above any real political system currently at work in the 21st century.

That is, until Barack Obama took over the dismal mess created by George Bush. When Obama's grassroots campaign of Change won the day I found my self with an admiration and pre-occupation with a politician, an AMERICAN politician, no less, in which I finally understood at least a little bit more of my mother.

It doesn't surprise me that Barack knows the Vulcan greeting sign. But it sure does please me to see him sharing it with Nichelle Nichols. I hope lives long and prospers, especially during this upcoming election. I do hope the American people have the good sense to choose another 4 years under his brilliant and benevolent guidance.

Thanks so much for this posting.

Anonymous said...

Nichelle is awesome! Love that Obama did the vulcan salute with her.

Star trek was about acceptance, diversity and the power of different people of all types working together.

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