Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen with David Tennant

If you're not in the UK you probably haven't heard this news.  And if you're not a Doctor Who fan--especially from way back--it may not mean much to you.  But for those who know who I am talking about it will be a shock: Elisabeth Sladen has died.  The most beloved of the Doctor's companions from the old series, especially with Tom Baker's fourth Doctor in the late 70s, she returned to appear several times with a new Doctor (David Tennant) and then won a new generation of fans with her own series geared towards young viewers, the Sarah Jane Adventures.

That she could return to Doctor Who nearly 30 years after she first left makes it all the more shocking that she succumbed to cancer, though apparently she's been dealing with it quietly for some time.  As David Tennant said, "I can't believe she's gone.  She seemed invincible."

There's more response here at the Doctor Who News Page, as well as stories that reflect what Elisabeth Sladen meant to UK fans with this one role over so many years.  Rest in peace, Elisabeth Sladen.  Thanks to you, we'll always have Sarah Jane.    

Sarah Jane with Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor

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