Saturday, January 09, 2010

Captain's Log: While I mull over "The End of Time," I thought I'd pass on a few of the more interesting bits of news from the real universe. For example, above is an artist's conception of something recently discovered by the Voyager spacecraft: a kind of cloud--30 light years across surrounding the solar system, held together by a magnetic field. It's similar to the magnetic field surrounding the earth itself, and both protect against cosmic radiation.

Meanwhile, the Kepler telescope has found some more new celestial objects, both like and unlike planets or stars. Commented one scientist: "The universe really is a weird place."
But it is also a place--it increasingly seems--that hosts solar systems like ours, and scientists may be on the verge of finding earth-like planets. There could even be an earth-sized planet as yet unfound on the outer edges of our own solar system. Stay tuned.

One more thing
--department of horn-tooting: someone has compiled a list of the Top 50 Blogs for Trekkies, and Soul of Star Trek is on it--one of only 6 in the category of "compiled by a fan." Although it looks as if there's only two in this category by "a" single individual as opposed to a company of them. Even better, the Film Fresh site has named Soul of Star Trek one of the five best Star Trek blogs, with this comment: "Don't let the simplicity of this blog's layout fool you. This site provides intelligent analysis on the STAR TREK films and television series. Great for those looking for that deeper meaning beneath the phasers and aliens." Hey, it's always nice to be appreciated.

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