Saturday, May 09, 2009

Captain's Log: New Trek Buzz

It looks as though the new Star Trek feature is attracting a lot of ticket buyers this weekend. The reviews seem pretty positive, though I've avoided reading them in detail until after I've seen the movie on Sunday. Today I walked past the theatre where I'll see it in our college town, and noticed one of the students in a small line to see the first evening show. He looked both excited and embarrassed, and it reminded me what it's been like to be a Star Trek fan these past few years: weird. I admit I've been surprised by the articles and reviews that begin by acknowledging how important Star Trek and what it stands for have been. If this movie remains popular, we may have to get used to Star Trek being an acceptable enthusiasm again.

Among the many recent non-review articles was another one comparing President Obama to Spock, this one by Jeff Greenwald, author of the TNG nonfiction book, Future Perfect, and one of the panelists on my Soul of Star Trek panel at the 40th anniversary convention in Seattle. Those who doubted that Obama is a Trek fan, take note of these two stories: the report that President Obama wants to screen the new Trek film at the White House, and an interview with Leonard Nimoy who was an Obama supporter: he said that he was with a number of people waiting to meet candidate Obama, and when Obama spotted Nimoy, the future President immediately flashed the Vulcan salute. Not easy to do unless you've practiced it. I mean, that's logical, right?

By the way, I've taken note of the comments left here about the movie. I'm waiting until I see it to respond.


Nomad said...

the new Star Trek freakin rocks; love the new energy and and more "youthful" feel

Henry said...

So what's your verdict??? Want to know.

ramcobra55 said...

Saw it Saturday night. The movie istelf was very good entertainment.
However it left me troubled on several points.
First we see Capt. Pike having that slug inserted so that it will attach to his spine or brain stem and force him to give up the codes that Nero wants. However we never get back to him to see if the thing worked or not. No outcome to that sequence.
More troubling- the basic premise that a mining ship- even one from xx years in the future- would have enough arms and firepower to destroy 47 Klingon ships on one battle and then immediately take on what six federation Star ships and destroy them? How did that Romulan mining ship get such firepower. Since when is a Romulan mining ship so much larger than a Bird of Prey or a Starship?
Didn't this bother anybody?

Let's go to the movie's second premise. Nero sees his planet destroyed with a failed attempt by Spock the elder to save it. Ok. Then he and Spock go back in time. Ok still. But then Nero puts Spock down on an isolated planet and leaves him there for what 25 or more years until young Spock is born, grown and coming after him? Ok maybe I missed it and the point in time that Nero goes back to is when Enterprise is making it's maiden voyage. Otherwise you have to explain to me how Nero is running around out there for 25 to 50 years.

Then there is the Spock thing- he blows his cool not once but twice? and the apparent affair? Ok I can handle all that with the rationale that he" grows up" somewhere later on.

Last point and I'll shut up. Where does Spock, or for that matter any Starship commander, get off sending a young fresh cadet graduate off the ship via a pod and onto a desolate planet? Talk about ill fit for command. Yeah the guy is a pain so let's make him walk the plank and I'll go deal with the real bad guys. Makes no sense.

Nick Tierce said...

I see nothing wrong with Trek being mainstream again so long as the quality can be kept up.

If this movie is any indication, I believe we have great treats in store for us.