Sunday, September 21, 2008

Doctor Who News: The Doctor in America? Tennant Back? And a Feature Film?

Apparently they're all rumors now. The Telegraph is reporting that Tennant is negotiating to do a Doctor Who feature as part of his fifth season package. The story also says that this year's Christmas episode has already been filmed.

I also saw somewhere--but apparently failed to bookmark it--that the BBC was considering filming at least one of the upcoming specials in the United States. Partly because the weak dollar makes it cheaper to film here.

What is official is a book due out in England this month in which Russell T. Davies discusses writing for Doctor Who and makes a little news with the revelation that he wanted to do a Christmas special with J.K. Rowling, in which the Doctor must rescue her in the Harry Potter universe. (Vetoed, it says, by Tennant who thought it was too spoofy.) There are also spoilers about the Christmas special this year, involving another Doctor. (And R.T.D. suggests that his choice for the 11th Doctor might be Russell Tovey, who played a midshipman in last year's Christmas special. Although the alternate Doctor this Christmas is played by David Morrissey. Confused yet?)

There's also speculation that when Stephen Moffat takes over we may see at least one of the characters introduced in season 4, like the mysterious woman who may or may not be the Doctor's future wife, or the Doctor's daughter. There are also rumors of Catherine Tate as Donna and the Master returning in the specials.

Well, none of that really qualifies as news. But this does: the Season 4 DVD set is available in the U.S. in November.


sean said...

I just can't wait for more Doctor Who. David Tennant is great. Have you seen "The Infinite Quest"

It is an animated episode of Doctor Who featuring David Tennant and Freema Agyeman (Martha). it's a must-see for Who fans.


Anonymous said...

Doctor Who - The Infinite Quest

check it out.