Saturday, December 08, 2007

Q. Where did this story come from?

WK. I wrote it so long ago, I don’t know precisely how I got started on this. I do remember that I invited some friends over to watch the World Series. One was Sky Conway and another was Tony Franke--he was in the original The Blob, he played Steve McQueen’s friend. Sky got all excited because that was one of his favorite science fiction movies of all time. I think he suggested that if we could do something like that… I hadn’t been thinking about writing a story, putting together a project, but I came up with some ideas, and I wrote a step outline. Sky was enthusiastic about it so I went on and wrote a screenplay.

Q. And now you’re trying out a new model of distribution with Internet pay-for-view.

WK. Certainly everyone is becoming aware of the Internet for such purposes, and it’s going to be the first way we will distribute the film. There are other options as well later on—we have contact with the Sci-Fi network. DVDs and foreign distribution of DVDs are viable options, I think, and if we can get the film into some festivals we can open up more opportunities.

While I was waiting for the screenplay to be produced I decided to write it as a novel, and as a matter of fact this last weekend I was in New York, and I met with a young, enthusiastic agent who’d read the work, and we have struck a pact. She has several publishing houses in mind, and we’ll go from there.

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