Saturday, November 24, 2007

Captain's Log: Walter Koenig Interview and Of Gods and Trek XI

This is going to be a brief entry, as I'm transcribing an interview with Walter Koenig that I'll be posting here soon. We talked about his new film, InAlienable, (premiering on the Internet in a couple of weeks), his views on Chekov and the new Paramount Trek film, as well as appearances in Of Gods and Men (also premiering on the Internet in December) and New Voyages. And other matters. So watch for it!

Apart from that little promo, I have just one observation to log in this week. I've confirmed another key plot point in Of Gods and Men--which I promised not to divulge as a spoiler--that, added to the others I mentioned last week, makes the rumored plot of the Paramount Trek XI and the story in Of Gods and Men so similiar that there are only two reasonable explanations: first, that the rumor is actually about Of Gods and Men, or that this is a particularly eerie case of the Hollywood phenomenon of two films taking the same approach to the same subject arriving at the same time. I tend to favor the first possibility. (I discount out and out idea theft.)


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