Sunday, July 15, 2007

Perfectly mad? Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor Who.
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Darrell P said...

I totally love your "City of Death" moment. However I think the countess was human, the count played by the awesome Julian Glover, was the alien. He is one of my favorite Doctor Who villain cuz he doubles as a James Bond baddie in the 80s.

In some other Trek XI news, you might have heard that the guy who played Sylar is now rumored to be Spock.

Thanks again for the cool post!

Captain Future said...

I haven't seen the "City of Death" in years--when I wrote down those quotes--so I stand corrected on the countess.

I'd be surprised if anyone connected with any previous Trek (except Nimoy and Shatner)or even other s/f will be considered for major roles in Trek XI. But that's just a guess.

Thanks for reading...