Sunday, July 08, 2007

Captain's Log: Updates

A couple of updates to the following post. First, the Walter Koenig film described below has finished principal photography. The cast includes another of the Trek stars who was present at the Seattle convention: Tim Russ. Also in the movie are Danielle and Andrew Koenig. Further updates are likely to be posted at the blog associated with the InAlienable site.

Secondly, Live Earth was yesterday, and turned out to have connected more people around the world than any entertainment event in history, a truly global moment, with the message: Answer the Call. That's Trek already, but there's more: NBC and CNBC added audio inserts to its coverage with bits of information and ways to decrease harmful energy use. The voices: Whoopi Goldberg and William Shatner.

We know Al Gore was an Original Series fan in college, but there may be yet another Trek connection with the head of the Live Earth sustainability team, who countered criticism by pointing out that the concerts were as carbon neutral as possible and even air flights were vetted for minimal fossil fuel use. His name turns out to be John Picard. Perhaps an American ancestor of Jean-Luc?

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