Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The shooting script and the novelization by J.M. Dillard add a few details. In the script, Picard wonders if forcing Worf to walk the plank (in the sailing ship scene) is taking things too far. Riker replies that when they held Counsellor Troi’s promotion in ancient Rome, “we threw her to the lions, remember?”

After Kirk’s first death on the Enterprise-B, the novelization includes scenes of Spock and McCoy reacting to the news. In both, Guinan’s experience in the Nexus is revealed to be the source of her uncanny “sixth sense” that transcends time, as evidenced by her knowing that the alternate timeline in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” was wrong.

But neither deals with the most obvious problem: why does Picard choose to go back to confront Soran at a time and place where Soran has the upper hand? Why not days before, on the Enterprise? (In fact, the novelization makes it worse—Picard can’t think of an alternate solution, when most people who saw the movie readily could.)

Dillard gives Kirk an additional set of Nexus fantasies—weddings with several of his lady loves, with friends in attendance like Gary Mitchell and Will Decker---all in the best fanfiction spirit.

The Special Collection DVD has the Braga/Moore audio commentary (often insightful but like a lot of these commentaries they make simple mistakes that indicate they've forgotten aspects of their own movie and are too busy talking to notice) and the always entertaining Okudas text commentary. The second disk has a number of featurettes, not very well organized and none of them particularly distinguished, although it's always fun to see the cast and other participants talk about the movie, and in this case the TNG actors tell us their impressions as the series ended and the movie began, as well as the differences in how each was done. There are several segments on visual effects but nothing on the music.

The deleted scenes include rough footage for what was to be an early scene in which Kirk lands after skydiving from orbit, no big loss to the film. The others are discards of scenes that appear, including the original ending of Kirk shot in the back. There's a nice tribute to original series art director Matt Jeffries.

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