Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Klingons in the White House? And are they friend or faux?
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Axinar said...

Uh ... he may have a point ... :)

Captain Future said...

That's scary, Axinar! Everybody, check out this link--and be afraid, be very afraid!

Gareth said...

Hi there,

I was looking for a contact email address but couldn't find one on the site.

I have a couple of Google Gadgets for Star Trek and Doctor Who you might be interested in mentioning on your site.

I have a couple of posts about them over at my secondary blog BIA.

Anonymous said...

Check this out... http://youtube.com/watch?v=vA-wKYBpGcg

Captain Future said...

Cool--the YouTube video is a shot by shot comparison of Spock's funeral in Star Trek II with a similiar scene in Family Guy, which I have to admit I don't watch. But thanks for pointing it out: yet another Trek reference.

I also caught another Trek reference on "Countdown"--Keith must be quite a Trekkie. He referenced a specific episode of the ANIMATED series--which I just finished watching on DVD. That was fun.

As for the Trek and Dr. Who gadgets, consider them mentioned. Thanks.