Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Walter Koenig, Rocket Man. That's the convention
program cover illustration on his t-shirt. photo
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andriech said...

Did you know Walter Koenig is the only one of the original "Star Trek
Seven" not to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It's time for
the fans to unite and help correct this ridiculous oversite!
Walter's been nominated for a star and the Walk of Fame Committee will
be voting in June 2007 on whether to award it to him. A letter-writing
campaign to convince the committee to vote for him has started, and you
can help!
Walter's official website -- -- has all the
information. Here is the link to the "Star" page:
Thank you for your help and support!
We have new banners and links for this campaign as waltersstar has
raised all the money!
Have you written your letter to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce yet? Great! :)

Now we have a mission for you! Get 10 of your friends to write a letter too! (Have each of them get 10 of their friends...) This is how we got Trek renewed in the 60's!

The campaign has spread to Europe, but we need it spread everywhere... it's going to take thousands of letters! (The chamber is really stubborn!) Please spread the post to a few other forums if you belong to them.

And now we have flyers on the website! You can print them to post at the supermarket and work, leave in your doctor's waiting room...there are Trek fans everywhere! There are also versions to cut apart and bring to conventions.

We'll even mail them to you if you are going to a con--just let us know!!!