Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Star Trek 60s

Over at Trek Today, Michelle Erica Green has begun reviewing episodes of '>Star Trek, the original series (TOS) in the order they first aired on NBC beginning in September 1966.

I thought I would add a little external and historical context, eventually month-by-month, even week-by-week when events of the time warrant, as Michelle continues her reviews. This might help today's DVD and TV viewers understand a little more of what the creators of Star Trek and those first TOS viewers were seeing and hearing and experiencing in the wider world, which in 1966-69 influenced daily life to an extraordinary degree, and often had a major impact on how people felt and how they thought about the world, and the future.

I'll be doing this in a general way, but also with more specific reference to Star Trek creators and to the prime Star Trek audience: the early baby boomers, who were teenagers and young adults in those years.

First, some pre-1966 historical background.

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