Monday, June 20, 2005

The Star Trek 60s: October 1966
historical and cultural context for Star Trek's first season

. Chinese Communists celebrate 17th anniversary of the establishment of their regime.

Oct. 4. The small African Kingdom of Lesotho, previously called Basutoland, gained independence from Great Britain, following the September 30 independence of the Republic of Botswana. Only two of the former British colonies in Africa remain. France, Portugal and Spain still have African colonies.

Oct.5: World Series begins, with Los Angeles Dodgers and their ace pitchers Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale the heavy favorites. However, the series is won by the Baltimore Orioles in four straight; the last three are shutouts.

Oct. 6: "'>The Enemy Within"

Oct. 7: President Johnson proposes increasing trade in non-strategic items with USSR and eastern bloc nations, and permission to U.S. citizens to travel to Communist countries which they had been forbidden to visit.

Oct. 13: "'>Mudd's Women"

Oct. 20: Congress passes legislation to finance the rebuilding of large urban areas.

Oct. 20: "'>What Are Little Girls Made Of?"

Oct. 24: Some 200 protestors were arrested in Grenada, Mississippi as they protested against harassment of black students at two recently integrated schools.

Women described as "housewives" staged supermarket boycotts to protest rising food prices in a number of communities in the U.S.

Oct. 26: President Johnson visits U.S. troops in South Vietnam. He flew secretly to the most secure base in country and stayed for 44 minutes.

The Beatles '>Revolver is the Billboard number one album. John Lennon is on location, acting in the film "'>How I Won the War;" Paul McCartney is writing music for the film, '>"The Family Way," and George Harrison is in India with '>Ravi Shankar.

New movies being reviewed: John Huston's"'>The Bible," "'>Georgy Girl, "'>Morgan!" starring David Warner and Vanessa Redgrave.

Oct. 27: "'>Miri"

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