Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Trek future? Posted by Hello

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Kevin Cho said...

Hello, I am really appreciative and amazed that you have heard of Star Trek: Pioneers.(I"m reffering to your May 16th post.) I am the General Manager of Pioneer Audio Productions, my group produces it, and I invite you to please keep listening, we're attempting to get better, with the help of various other fan films. Did you happen to catch our 4th episode, which was a crossover with Section 31 Files?

One reason i'm reposting this...again lol sorry about multiple postings, is because I really think that currently, the future of Trek is with the fanfilms, we are the life of Star Trek as it were, at least for now we are.

Anyway check out our new site, sorry for the ads, http://www.pioneeraudio.tk it's an all new fresh look to our site, thank you for mentioning the project, and we hope that you continue to be a listener.

Kevin Cho - Pioneer Audio Productions
Star Trek: Pioneers