Sunday, February 27, 2005

Curry spoke to a hundred or so students and faculty at Humboldt State University in far northern California, where he had been a graduate student and earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree in 1982. In the theatre building where he had spent many hours, he talked about his career, mostly on Star Trek but also on several features, and illustrated his stories with clips and before-and-after examples of specific visual effects.

The DVD and videotape footage projected on a screen beside him on the stage included his ten minute 2004 Emmy-winning reel from Enterprise (he's won 7 in all), a montage of Enterprise season 3 in 60 seconds, and the 18 minute profile included in the TNG season 6 DVD, which features him talking about various episodes, showing Klingon weapons he designed and their inspirations, and doing some Tai'chi on his lawn. ("They followed me around my house. After it was made and they sent me a copy, and it took me about eight months to have the courage to watch it. It's living proof why I am behind the camera.")

Curry began his two hour presentation with a montage of visual effects scenes from all the series he worked on, beginning it with the space battle of the Deep Space 9 finale. It looked really great projected on the big screen.

Here are some highlights from his talk, by category...

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