Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Introducing THE TREKALOG

Greetings---Thanks to a number of new features on Blogger, I've been able to reorganize this site. From here down, as the world scrolls, you'll find what I call "The Trekalog"--my essays on all ten Star Trek feature films to date.

(In addition to "log" as a Star Trek reference, there's also a pun here on The Decalogue, as the Ten Commandments are sometimes called. I hope no one is offended, but what do you expect from twelve years of Catholic schools.)

Anyway, now that Blogger allows you to pick the date on your posts, I can place these essays in order, from Star Trek The Motion Picture, to Star Trek Nemesis. (I've picked this date to start with so this will follow my New York Times piece, and because, well, it's my birth date.)

For awhile this will be a work in progress, since I haven't written all the essays yet, and I'm taking this opportunity to revise the essays I have written. But from here down---that is, from here into the past---is the place for The Trekalong.

Enjoy. And your comments are invited.

1 comment:

Torleif said...

Looking forward to the TNG-era pieces. Keep up the good work.