Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Captain's Log: New Stuff! Gee, Could The Holidays Be Near?

November 17 sees the official release of Star Trek JJA in your favorite video formats. Plus a lot more Trek stuff coming out, but then this isn't a blog about stuff, which is unfortunate for its profitability.

The latest JJA comment on his next Trek again emphasizes that he wants it to go deeper and be more meaningful than the first one.

Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel, Galileo's Dream, won't be available in the U.S. until after Christmas (what's wrong with his marketing people???) but it's apparently in the stores in the UK, where the author gave an interview to the Guardian.

Speaking of the UK, the next David Tennant Doctor Who special, "The Waters of Mars," airs on the BBC on November 15, and is scheduled to be seen in the U.S. on BBC America and on Space in Canada on December 19. I wonder when it will hit YouTube, which is where I'll see it. I enjoyed seeing the previous two on DVD as well. The final two Tennants are still vaguely scheduled for "the holidays" in the UK.

Speaking of Galileo, the latest conference on life elsewhere in the universe was recently held at the Vatican, no less. Is that Galileo orbitting in his grave?

Trek Movie reports that Gene Roddenberry will be inducted into the TV Hall of Fame in January, along with fellow visionaries, game show producer Bob Stewart, announcer Don Pardo, Candace Bergen and the Smothers Brothers. Well, I suppose they were all pretty cool, but it does remind us that GR is still considered first and foremost a TV creature. Which is one big reason that no real scholarly biography has ever been written about him, nor is ever likely to be.

I've noticed that the comments on this site have become places where various entrepreneurs are hanging their products. As long as they're Trek-related I suppose there's no harm in it. Maybe I'll come up with a real post soon.

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