Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek GR is over. Star Trek JJA has begun. The new movie and the future, in posts below.


תיקון מחשבים said...

The movie was awesome. Need to see it again, for sure. I've got to see Star Trek Xi again. The whole cast were awesome and exciting.

Iris Pagan said...

I think the two star treks are more related than you think especilly if you watch the original show aired on September 8,1966. Check out review at www.workshoptypes.com

Past Expiry said...

I guess I'm "old school". I prefer the original star trek series, back
in the day when doing endorsements was unheard of. But if Kirk did
do endorsements, would it be like this cartoon??


Titus Nvivo said...

What can I possibly say...J.J. has destroyed the essence of Star Trek. It is the perfect movie for anyone who has has the ability to focus for no more than 10 seconds. He has turned Spock into a love sick wimp...Pavel is a smart but a bit of joke. McCoy is the saving grace, keeping his character true to form and interesting. I will try to drink away the memory of the movie.

The United Nations should be petitioned to keep such human rights abuses from happening again.

טכנאי מחשבים said...

thanks, find it very usefull, greate job, thanks again...the movie was eccelent