Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The BBC has announced that Matt Smith will be the next Doctor Who, beginning in the 2010 season. Smith is 26, an "unknown" who is actually fairly well-known in the UK for several TV series, including a fantasy adventure that paired him with Billie Piper--as her companion. He's won praise for stage performances. USers are locked out of his interview at the official site, but it's posted here. Pretty unimpressive. He's got a long, goofier face than this photo shows. Meanwhile, current Doctor David Tennant is recovering from back surgery, but playing Hamlet again and set to do four Doctor Who specials to be broadcast in the UK in 2009. When we'll see any of them here--including the Christmas Special, that did very well on the BBC--is anybody's guess. The whole Who situation is so screwed up for U.S. viewers that my interest is fading fast.

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