Saturday, August 05, 2006

Star Dateline News

The official Star Trek site, Startrek. com, has been designated also as the official site for Trek XI, at least so far. But other fan-run sites are springing up, such as The Trek XI Report which features news and video clips, and is already in the thick of the media frenzy by publicizing the premature casting of Matt Damon as Kirk on the Internet Movie Database. The usually reliable IMDb doesn't have a great track record on Trek XI anyway, having for years designated Nick Meyer as its director. I asked Meyer about this a couple of summers ago, and he professed surprise, although he did seem interested.

As some predicted, the lack of new Trek TV or film in production has left a space for unofficial efforts, like Of Gods and Men, which has some new teaser banners on its site. But some can't wait for costly productions, and are creating new Star Trek stories and posting them as scripts for "virtual" fan films, such as those found at Star Trek (Reborn), where fans can also discuss the stories online.

Meanwhile, the site for PlanetXpo's Star Trek 40th anniversary convention in Seattle has added a blog to start the discussion on how Star Trek has changed the world in the past 40 years, a theme of the convention.

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Dave R said...

Star Trek Remastered

Wow...what a disappointment. Several levels of disappointment on this whole effort.
1) Compared to the series 'Enterprise' in particular and Battlestar Galactica in general the CGI effects were very cartoony. It looked like a video game rendering of the ships...from a few years ago. There weren't even close in trying make them look 'real' or even detailed, they just looked cartoony. In some instances they looked MORE fake than the 1966 model shots. The Romulan phaser shot in particular looked much worse than the 1966 effect and the ships in general looked cartoony. Too bad Paramount, after the considerably amount of money they have made with the original series, choose to go with the lowest bidder for this effort.

2) While I like the IDEA of doing a frame for frame remake of the effects shots, in reality it really seemed a lost opportunity to greatly enhance the visual scope of the series. I agree - no barrel rolls - but to slavishly go with a shot for shot recreation, why bother? Sadly another indication of the lack of vision for such a large undertaking. It's as if they did not trust their own sense of judgement as to what to upgrade and what not to.

3) The editing for syndication was pretty bad. Granted this is not the CGI teams fault. I have not watched the show in syndication for many years having owned them on VHS and DVD. Even with about 8 minutes being taken out for more ads, the cuts for the content chosen to edit was pretty bad.

Now all that being said, there are a few good things to say about this TOS-HD presentation. The comet did look much better than the original, the Phaser bolts did look much better and there were one of two new ship shots that were not in the original and that was a nice touch.

I give it a D+, not a total failure but really a disappointment when compared to the level of CGI available in 2006 and Paramount's cheapness in farming this job out.